Mon 08 March 2021

Julian's Capture team has exactly five players--the minimum required for their team to qualify to play Capture, a game like capture-the-flag with portals played on sprawling public lands, in the American Collegiate Capture Conference. When one of their team members shatters her femur just before a game, Julian is forced to add someone new to their team mid-season, a Capture player he's never met before. The new player, Áillen, is a transfer student from the most prestigious Capture team in the country--from which he was expelled for misconduct.

There's instant friction between Julian's team and Áillen. But Áillen is one of the most talented Capture players Julian has seen in his time on Gladeloch's Capture team. He might give Gladeloch a shot at Nationals in the spring for the first time in years--if Julian can keep his patchwork team from falling apart until then.

Capture was my NaNoWriMo win for November 2019, but took me until January to actually finish. It's likely unpublishable due to nearly every character being gay, so I have provided it to you for free.

Download as a mobi file for your e-reader, or as an HTML file you could also probably put on an e-reader, read in the browser, or convert to another format such as PDF to fit your specifications.

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