Ode to a Destructive Rat

Sat 16 January 2021
Your skull, the seat of your wit and will,
is the size of a walnut.
Your delicate paws, each finger crowned with a translucent, needlelike claw,
are sized to hold a single grain of wheat.
How can you then,
Seeing my hand that is the size of your whole body,
The hand of a creature that outweighs you one hundred fold,
know to take my monumental finger in your own paws,
and groom it, cleaning under my fingernails,
exfoliating the wrinkles of my knuckles
as though I were your brother?

My shirts are perforated with ragged holes;
The edges of my favorite quilt are shredded;
Clawmarks stripe my naked thigh
where you scaled the cliff of my leg to sleep in my lap.
Instead of understanding you,
I love you.

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