What does the name mean?

The art and writing posted here is "finished" in the sense that I have decided to stop working on it and share it with others, but "unfinished" in the sense that all art is unfinished: it is flawed and imperfect, and there is always unrealized potential within it and the tantalizing suggestion that further work could perfect it.

In the past I have largely made art for myself, without sharing it. But in the past several years my philosophy on art has begun to shift. Since I am not a full-time artist and have rarely taken a course in any of the types of art I practice, most of what I make is flawed, bad art in one way or another. I dislike a lot of the art I produce, yet over time, I've begun to see that my own view of my flawed art is incomplete. In publishing art online on various social media, I've found that even art that I think is completely frivolous and worthless sometimes unexpectedly speaks to a viewer or reader. I've decided to take a more humble stance on my criticism of my own art: Who am I to say that some art I have put a sincere effort into is worthless, when I haven't even let anyone see it yet? Instead of trashing it, I will release the art that I believe could have a kernel of value for someone into the world, even if I believe it to be bad art.

I believe there is great value in creating and shamelessly sharing bad art. I wanted to create an online space where I could freely post both my flawed, imperfect attempts at communicating with other humans through art, and my thoughts about art and artistic process as someone who has invested a lot of time in cultivating an "art habit" and hopes to continue creating bad art until my death.

So this is a space to share my unfinished, bad, and perfect art that is nevertheless finished and ready to be freed.

Who are you?

I am an amateur artist; my day job is software development. I enjoy a variety of forms of art including photography, fiber art, digital and traditional drawing and painting, music composition, and writing fiction and occasionally poetry.

The main purpose of this website is to facilitate sharing art with friends I know personally without relying on a social media giant to host my work, but I also invite anyone to peruse my bad art. Maybe you will learn some tips on how not to create good art from what I have presented here.